Art Shake Festival

Art Shake Festival (Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow) Second edition of this event in Berlin.

ART SHAKE Festival III edition part 2 >>>Berlin

1 Night of 15 Video Installations, Performance and Live Set

ART SHAKE Festival: Contemporary arts festival Created and directed by Emanuela De Notariis

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Unbroken beat of soul

 cyanide, video, art, red, fragments, unbroken



 International Contemporary Video art
at the third Mediterranean laity festival

15 – 24 october 2010
Ex Aurum Pescara – Italy


Since it is granted an essential body centre (the heartbeat) which allows an unconscious, unintentional biological life, can we think of a similar place allowing the existence as human being, as ‘persona’ and identity, as awareness and conscious relationship with the outer world and the others?

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New Media Fringe Festival @ FirstWorks.

video art screening

270 Westminster Street Providence,
Rhode Island – USA
September 30-October 10, 2010
in Providence, Rhode Island

PIXILERATIONS [v.7] is a new media showcase in Providence, Rhode Island that investigates the state of new media arts through installations, concert performances and film/video screenings. It is part of the larger FirstWorks Festival (, a multidimensional performing arts festival held in Providence each fall.


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Jamais Vu

Painting of a Doll from the "Ophelia and Catharsis" series by Barbara Agreste.,

Jamais Vu (never seen)

This evening for the exhibition organized by Agnes Casolani “Jamais Vu”, at the Rose est la vie Rose Garden, in Thaulero 12 Rd, Barbara Agreste will present a selection of her new paintings from her “Spine Flowers” series. The exhibition will be up until the 9th of August.

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Tracce - Silvia Argiolas painting.

7^ young artists bienniale

Tracce, the 7 ^ young artists bienniale, will lead us to the wonders of contemporary art.
The picturesque setting of the Sarzano Castle will host the exhibition, organized by the Cultural Night Effect Association.

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Art Shake Festival Mondo Bizarro gallery

Art Shake Festival Mondo Bizarro

Art Shake Festival
Mondo Bizarro Gallery

ART SHAKE festival
created and directed by Emanuela De Notariis

July 3 – 9 ROMA
Mondo Bizzarro Gallery
Hybrida Contemporanea gallery

ART SHAKE promotes art charachterized by hybrid languages and multiplicity of media, able to soothe the wounds of reality with wonder.
A fil rouge connects the different arts, all made of the blood of the controversial age we’re living in. They metabolize conflicts and uneasiness of our age, skinning it and gutting its socio-cultural superstructures. And then sewing new skins over it, made of imagination.


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Red: The Gendered Color in Frames

 Red The gendered Color in frames - A video frame from Kika Nicolela's "Ecstasy Poem".

Red: The Gendered Color in Frames

14 May – 11 June 2010
Photon Gallery, Ljubljana
Opening view on 14 May 2010 at 8 p.m.
We kindly invite you to attend the curator’s talk on Tuesday, 25 May 2010 at 5 p.m. The talk will be in English language.

Curated by: Evelin Stermitz

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31 artists Vs 20sqm

31-artists vs 30 mq. Visualcontainer. [Box] is the new independent video projectspace...

31 artists Vs 20sqm

18/19/20 Opening May from 18.30 to 21
Via Confalonieri 11 Milan island
Inner courtyard – ring 43
31 artists Vs 20sqm

Visualcontainer. [Box] is the new independent video projectspace dedicated to the Italian and international art, curated by Visualcontainer.

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17 Days Video Series


17 Days video Series. The concept is that there are 17 Days paired with 17 video artists.

17 Days Video Series

17 Days is a video series, curated by Adriane Little, for the Atrium Gallery at the Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University. The concept is that there are 17 Days paired with 17 video artists. One artist’s video work per selected day will play continuously and simultaneously on both of the 50” plasma screens, one on the first floor and one on the second floor, located at the front entrance of the Richmond Center for Visual Art in the Atrium Gallery. 17 Days began with the spring 2008 semester and then continues in the spring semesters going forward.

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Trampoline Platform Event: The Surveillance City

Trampoline Platform showcased work reflecting on themes such as surveillance, data protection and a loss of privacy.

Trampoline Platform Event: The Surveillance City

29th November 2007

Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham

Trampoline, the East Midlands’ platform event for new media art, celebrated its tenth anniversary in November at Broadway, Nottingham. The event offered an array of performances, video screenings, installations and other works that utilised the many spaces provided by the media centre.

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Alchemy is like a thin line suspended between the esoteric and philosophy, physics and religion.It is an unstable structure founded on its own symbols interwoven with infinite recurring relationships, there to find a hope for an eternal life, or a savage philosopher‘s stone. The alchemical process revolves around “transformation”, the will to change shapes and materials through three fundamental stages.

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