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Music is happiness to me. When I listen to it, whatever genre I happen to come across with, I always become more cheerful. Sounds make me feel better, even when the sort of tunes I am hearing are sad, melancholic, or hard to listen to like hard, industrial rock, or heavy, trash metal. I’ve always thought that melody,

and the creative construction of different combinations of notes and drums, voices from heaven or hell, all of this moulding of new emotions trough sounds, is an aspect of my creativity I could never do without. This kind of shaping the impossible, opens up for me the very doors of a better, more acute sensibility towards the world around me, sending me to a different dimension where the space turns into an eternal holy temple in which I experience a total stillness, and an expansion of the senses through my chanting prayers. The making of the “new” is always an evocative act: it inevitably wakes subterranean shadows, forgotten souls from Hades, dancing creatures from the deep forgotten forests of the past, now lost, but willing to return. New sounds are taking my mind away into hidden, and unexplored lands. What we don’t yet know has always been there before us, from eternity, it only had to be discovered, and what music does is exactly this discovery of sleeping realities, concepts, ways of thinking, ideas, ways of loving, ways of existing.  Melody, rhythm, sounds, allow me to go into a state of magnified consciousness, where I become willing to welcome more phenomena from nature. Tunes are intertwined with love, awakening it, persuading life to an instinctive dance, magically helping plants to grow and creatures to thrive. I lose my fear the very moment I start moving in time, even if time is stretched and my movements are super slow, music defies death again and again, smiling at paradoxes, choking, and engulfing destructive gazes. Without music I would become dull, unproductive, and stuck in my depression.


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