Ophelia (art) - digital painting of a doll by Barbara Agreste


Tracce - Silvia Argiolas painting.

7^ young artists bienniale

Tracce, the 7 ^ young artists bienniale, will lead us to the wonders of contemporary art.
The picturesque setting of the Sarzano Castle will host the exhibition, organized by the Cultural Night Effect Association.

The exhibition opening will be on the 24th of July, and the show will stay up until the 8th of August.
Five of the most intriguing artists of the national scene will present their work.
About forty pieces will be installed in the main tower of the castle and in the deconsecrated church beneath it.

There will be paintings, photographs and video installations by:

Barbara Agreste
Silvia Argiolas
Marta Bernareggi
Viviana Cangialosi
Sergio Padovani.

Marta Bernareggi, graduated in photography at IED in Milan, sets up an introspective series of photographs connected to her memories, a journey across time and space.

The past that comes back also in the works of Viviana Cangialosi, “atypical” photographer with a self-taught education nourished with a deep interest in theater, from which she has often drawn inspiration.

Sergio Padovani has devoted himself to painting only recently after his first experiences with music, he decided at one point to transfer his “sound images” into visual images. The human figures he presents are inspired by the “whispers in the castle” he felt still alive in it, containers of all kinds of feelings, timeless presences without place that nobody cares to see.

Silvia Argiolas as a child developed a passion for drawing and painting, and through art she has been able to express her complex personality. For this edition of Tracce she decided to choose those works that convey the difficulty of the human condition, but, above all, their openness to “other” worlds.

Finally Barbara Agreste at Tracce, will set up two video installations of her recent work. Trained in painting as well as film and video, she has converted her drawings into video frames. Her controversial animations are the result of merging these two techniques – painting and film. The ancient walls of the Castle will mirror her constant oscillation between the past and the present: a game of life and death.

But Tracce 2010 is not only figurative art, performances and much more will welcome you in the gardens around the Castle.


The exhibition will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 16 to 20. Admission is free.

The event is organized under the patronage of the Municipality of Casina, Emilia Romagna Region and the Foundation Peter Manodori.

More information about Tracce: tracce2010.effettonotte.it


Tracce- Sergio Padovani's painting.


Tracce 7^
young artists bienniale 2010



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