Ophelia (art) - digital painting of a doll by Barbara Agreste


Nigredo Blackness

Nigredo Blackness is a digital painting conveying the alchemical stage of blackness and putrefaction...


Nigredo Blackness

The Catharsis of Ophelia


Nigredo Blackness. Today I looked at some of my digital paintings from the Nigredo series, and I found out that many of them were left unfinished. I was especially interested in one of those images, the one that best represents the Nigredo phase, one that has actually a lot of black matter in it, an almost entirely black and white piece.

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The Femail Project

The Femail project is a group exhibition exploring contemporary feminism on a Global scale.

The Femail Project

The Femail project is a group exhibition exploring contemporary feminism on a Global scale.
Curator, Emma Leppington, created an international open call aimed at women artists and Feminist artists from around the world to send a copy of their work to the project. The work had to explore such ideas as the woman, Feminism, and the role and stance of women today.
The work also had to have been made since the year 2000.

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Babel Tower Story

The Tower of Babel

Babel Tower Story, mixed media painting of a futuristic Tower of Babel.

Barbel Tower Story

The Tower of Babel is an interesting subject from my point of view. It was reported in the Bible (Genesis 11:1-9), and it tells the story of humans that once upon a time all spoke the same language on earth. As people migrated from the east, they settled in a land called Shinar which in the Bible appears eight times and it refers to Babylonia, a territory encompassing both the city of Baylon (Babel) and the southern city Erech. Babylonia used to be a great and powerful empire.

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Art needed: when we need it, and what it does to the image of ourselves.

art needed Barbara Agreste Nedusa Self Portrait


When Art is needed, and when it’s not.

Art needed me, I needed art.

Again on art; this time I have pondered about what made me, in my past, need art so much, and I have finally, after having stopped for a while producing forms, found the answer: I have never existed at peace and harmony with myself since when I was born, because of the influence of a narcissistic parent with a pathology so hard to identify, and so insidious, Continue reading

Rain Blood

Rain Blood - endless raining from the sky, this film has red tears dropping all over the agonising vegetation.

Rain Blood

This is a film frame from Rain, the short film by Barbara Agreste. This particular frame shows the shot in which some multicolored leaves fall from the sky, and their branches are violently shaken by a mysterious and frenetic wind. This wind seems to be upset, like if it was sent from a angry God wanting to punish humans for having misbehaved, or mistreated the Earth.

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Fairy Doll

Oil painting of a doll as Fairy, from the Ophelia series by Barbara Agreste.

Fairy Doll (Ophelia Series)
90 x90 cm
Oil on canvas

Fairy Doll

Animation: Reptilica transferred on film

Animation, Reptilica, art film by Barbara Agreste, has been recently transfered on film.

Barbara Agreste’s animation short “Reptilica” has been recently transferred to film.

 Reptilica was made in 2005.

To produce this animation Barbara Agreste rented a digital camera, and built a box about one meter long and eighty centimeters high using wood sticks, plywood sheets, and painting a sheet of paper to make a multifaceted floor. That way Reptilica begun, with “fimo” plastic that was used to sculpt worms, and a lot of dry leaves, flowers, and seeds thrown at the set to decorate a sinister and surreal closed environment.


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100 video artists

100 Video Artists - Video Art event in collaboration with Magmart Video under Volcano.

100 Video Artists to tell a Century, Screening in London

100 Video Artists are here to celebrate 50 Years of Video art in 2013. Magmart/video under vulcano is organizing this video art project titled: 100×100=900 (100 video artists to tell a century). One hundred video artists, from around the world, have been asked to create a video that represents one year in 20th Century. The curators assigned one year of the 1900 to each artist at random.
Through a network of collaborations, the project will be screened globally in 2013, across multiple international platforms.

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Sublime dolls and deceit

Sublime Dolls is a review about Barbara Agreste: her video art shows restless figures and the anxiety of...

Sublime Dolls

Barbara Agreste, post-surrealist artist, much appreciated abroad for her VideoArt, is presenting for the exhibition “The sharing of difference” four paintings that dwell on the subtle dreamy line that separates life and death.

Her figures have no peace, and are representative of the uncertainty and anxiety of the contemporary human soul.


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Alice’s Inverted Reality

Alice - a trip into a mad inverted reality of mirrors and check points...

Alice’ inverted reality

Barbara Agreste‘s art can be defined as a multifaceted philosopher stone. Her creations are an intense and almost infinite work of layering thin petals and other transparent material one on top of the other, closely looking into reconstructing lost patterns, and existing forms with new colors, as if behind every object an unidentifiable amount blood is about to flow.

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Puzzle art: Walking on tiles


Animation with checkered walls in a tunnel, made with computer 3D software. Video art, Film by Barbara Agreste.


Recognizing a puzzle.

Mosaics like a puzzle are there because someone needed to reconstruct a complete visible picture with tiny fragments of color found in the soil coming form an ancient world.
Chessboards are like mosaics in Barbara Agreste‘s work: walking into the right tile bends the space of a dream to a safe exit, and stepping into the wrong spot opens the door to a repellent trip, a place infested with insects and worms.

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Dolls - Ophelia (art, paintings) series by Barbara Agreste