Ophelia (art) - digital painting of a doll by Barbara Agreste

The Femail Project

The Femail project is a group exhibition exploring contemporary feminism on a Global scale.

The Femail Project

The Femail project is a group exhibition exploring contemporary feminism on a Global scale.
Curator, Emma Leppington, created an international open call aimed at women artists and Feminist artists from around the world to send a copy of their work to the project. The work had to explore such ideas as the woman, Feminism, and the role and stance of women today.
The work also had to have been made since the year 2000.

All images sent to the Femail project were printed the same size, each image inputting to the process of creating one large image of contemporary feminism on a global scale.
Each artist that has participated is represented by an envelope, on the large envelope installation wall, within the Article Gallery.

The Femail Project received over 500 international submissions, including pieces from writers and musicians.  The artists had varying levels of experience, reputation, and mediums. Finally 143 artists were chosen to be presented, and the exhibition handout lists each artist’s name, Country, website, and title of the artwork. Due to the vast amount of images, one sentence was selected from the statements to summarize each work.

The soundtrack of the exhibition consists of three selected songs by TANK GIRL, a feminist Punk band from Nepal, who have been involved in many benefit gigs for women’s rights. Most of their songs explore issues such as exploitation, hatred, sexism, domestic violence and the inequality against the women in the Nepalese community.
The femail project intends to explore feminism through various countries, cultures, issues and backgrounds. By creating an exhibition that was formed by a combination of copies and actual works that were able to be mailed or e-mailed, a vast exhibition was made possible.
The femail project has been a great success, the curator aims to continue the project and develop it further.

From the 6th to the 11th of September,
Article gallery, Margaret Street, Birmingham.

Link to The Femail Project  Facebook Page

The Femail Project

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