Ophelia (art) - digital painting of a doll by Barbara Agreste


Ophelia Catharsis

Ophelia Catharsis and Nigredo, the Catarsis is here an Alchemical phase of purification...

oil on canvas
77 x 51 cm

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Ophelia Catharsis

Jamais Vu

Painting of a Doll from the "Ophelia and Catharsis" series by Barbara Agreste.,

Jamais Vu (never seen)

This evening for the exhibition organized by Agnes Casolani “Jamais Vu”, at the Rose est la vie Rose Garden, in Thaulero 12 Rd, Barbara Agreste will present a selection of her new paintings from her “Spine Flowers” series. The exhibition will be up until the 9th of August.

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Alchemy is like a thin line suspended between the esoteric and philosophy, physics and religion.It is an unstable structure founded on its own symbols interwoven with infinite recurring relationships, there to find a hope for an eternal life, or a savage philosopher‘s stone. The alchemical process revolves around “transformation”, the will to change shapes and materials through three fundamental stages.
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Dolls - Ophelia (art, paintings) series by Barbara Agreste